Our occupational health management

Nothing works without our employees. That’s why we take care that they are well in terms of psychological, mental and physical health. Within the framework of health- and employee-oriented management, we pay attention to conscious and sustainable action, taking into account individual strengths. The compatibility of work, family and leisure time is important to us. Good and comprehensive occupational-health management is a key component for the long-term success of a company. Because Nickelhütte Aue GmbH sees itself as a partner for employees of all generations, thus ensuring that the company remains competitive.

Promoting the health of employees in the long term

The holistic health of our employees is an essential basis for achieving the company’s goals. We strive to continually improve the working environment and working conditions in order to increase motivation and performance. In doing so, we are guided by the needs of the employees within the framework of operational requirements and opportunities. We actively involve them. Together, we design a continuous process of identifying problems, finding solutions and implementing measures. We support this with a variety of incentives. Nickelhütte Aue is aware of and committed to its social and regional responsibility, setting standards with its occupational health management. For this, we were awarded the ErzGesund seal. You can find more information at www.erz-gesund.de.

Occupational Health Management

The ERZgesund seal supports us in communicating our commitment to employee health visibly and transparently to our employees and potential new specialists. This seal recognizes the quality and effectiveness of occupational health management (BGM) and the occupational health promotion (BGF) in our company.