Individual solutions for your industry

We master the standard processes, but we love the small and large challenges that our work brings every day. That’s because we supply companies from a wide range of industries with their specific requirements. But they all need three things: first-class quality, reliable service and flexible solutions. Because sustainability is also indispensable for our customers, we are an important source of sustainably processed secondary raw materials. We leverage synergies within the Jacob Metal Group to react to growing requirements. Because only the best result is good enough for our customers.

High standards

The combination of innovative recycling with modern environmental-protection technology is important to us. That’s why we continuously invest in our technical facilities and laboratories, as well as in the training of our employees, in order to be a pioneer in the recycling of complex secondary raw materials.

Inspired by challenges

Challenges are drivers for innovation. We respond to complex requirements with innovative processes. We always have the future in mind and are equipped to recycle batteries and return the raw materials to the production cycle.

Good communication

Established contacts are important to us. We are convinced that things can be solved more quickly in direct conversation. That’s why our staff are happy to take the time to help with any questions or listen to any suggestions. For a partnership on equal terms.


We ensure the recovery of raw materials from spent batteries and guarantee greater independence from the raw-materials market.

Chemical, oil and gas industries

We process the metal-containing waste materials produced and convert them into raw materials for reuse.

Electrical industry

The industry needs a wide range of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Metalworking industry

We take care of metallic waste and supply secondary materials without loss of quality.

Energy generation and storage

We dismantle, recycle and dispose transformers, returning recyclable materials to circulation.

Individual Solution?

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Responsibility is not just an empty promise

Nickelhütte Aue guarantees high quality and sees the sustainable production of recycled metals as a contribution for present and future generations. It is committed to shaping a good and fair future for its customers, employees and the environment.

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