New brand identity for the JACOB METAL GROUP has been honoured with the German Design Award

Everyone is talking about the circular economy, but the JACOB METAL GROUP embodies it – and has done for decades. Today it is one of the world’s leading family-run businesses in metal recycling. But all that has been under the radar until now: amidst growing competition both on the market and for skilled workers, it was time to forge an international umbrella brand – but without relinquishing the individual strengths of each company. In cooperation with the agency zebra | group separate identities were melded into a strong, joint identity.

The diamond shape of the parent company forms a frame around the company acronym. Interlinking arrows symbolise the circular economy. Group members are clearly part of the family, but retain their own internationally recognised acronyms and colours. The result is a distinctive corporate design that has been cast in a user-friendly manual. The new slogan “Metal recycling is our DNA” conveys the group’s core expertise as well as its ethos.

When the website went live under the new umbrella brand “JACOB METAL GROUP”, it finally made the group’s holistic principles, full portfolio, and international strengths visible to the outside world. The promotional film explains the mission and vision of the newly rebranded JACOB METAL GROUP. It also declares its commitment to the newly gained, newly visible strengths.

Case Film

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